“"I don't mind being beaten,
what I hate is being beaten
when I haven't tried.”
Jacky Durand (Fra)

  _March 2005


March Cover Story
Part I: Milan-San Remo:The Beginning, The Development
Part II: Coppi's Grand Journey

By Graham R. Jones
Nearly a century has passed since the original idea created an International Cycling Classic. Unlike the other 4 Monuments of Cycling M-SR has not varied the race course significantly over the years. One change did occur after World War 2. As the road surfaces improved the race became a sprinters festival. In an effort to combat bunch sprints the organizers added the “Poggio di San Remo” in 1960. Relive some of the grand history of Milan-San Remo.

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Big Picture Challenge
Tour de France History

By Barry Boyce
Each month the big picture challenge introduces you to memorable events, personalities and general cycling knowledge. Delve deeper in to the great stories woven in to the fabric of cycling’s rich tapestry. Try the challenge, click on the picture to the left.

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Cycling Revealed Timeline
20th Century Timeline

By Barry Boyce
The 20th Century was a tumultuous period in world history. Two world wars shaped the world we know today. In 1900 transportation was primarily horse drawn. By 1999 man had reached the moon and the communications revolution had transformed society for ever. All through these times cycle racing evolved, prospered and entertained many millions of fans all over the world. Here we intermingle world history with cycling history. Our journey starts in 1900.

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Team Support

By Cycling Revealed Staff
This month we expand this section of CyclingRevealed with an introduction to cycling on the internet. Over time we will add reviews and other creative material to greatly enhance your (cycling) web experience. Come back often.

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Cycling History
Cycling Revealed Trivia

By Barry Boyce
Are you ready for a challenge? Learn what you know, and what you don't, about cycling history. Take our interactive quiz.

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About Us
Reporting the Great Stories of Cycling HIstory

By Barry Boyce & Graham R. Jones
Bicycle racing at its highest levels has always fascinated millions of fans all over the world. What makes cycling stand out against so many other sports is its unique stadium – ‘the open road’. From the early days we have images of lone riders traversing countryside and mountains over roads built for horse traffic. Today we see the riders surrounded by dense crowds and supported by a convoy of team cars with the whole show under the watchful eye of a worldwide TV audience. Between these two very different times is a wealth of sporting and world history.

  • Will add richness and depth by delving deeper into the stories that make up the past and the present.
  • Will ‘educate’ and ‘entertain’ with cycling trivia, factual data, and accesses to other excellent cycling resources.
  • Will visits the regions that host the great races. We will reveal the local history, peoples, geography and much more.
  • Will build an archive of fascinating stories and facts with the objective of retaining the information for all time. This above all is our primary objective.

The story of cycle racing is a story of evolving society and culture. To lose it in the mists of time would be a sorry loss for all of us.



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Cover Feature
Part 1: Milan-San Remo: The Beginning, The Development.

Part 2: Coppi's Grand Journey

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Tour de France History
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