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Podcast Series: “Legends of Cycling

Recently Jim Strait, host of “Bike Talk Radio” (which serves the Philadelphia area), invited CyclingRevealed.com to present a regular series on the ‘Legends of Cycling’. We are now pleased to be able to post each episode as a podcast which can now be listened to at any time.

‘Legends of cycling’ delves into the history of professional cycle racing from its very roots early in the 19th Century up to the present time. The stories cover the riders, the races, the roads and events which have become woven into the rich tapestry of cycling history. The content of these podcasts draws on the extensive archives of CyclingReveled.com.

New Audio Podcast Series

Graham Jones's‘Legends of Cycling’ podcast web site can be found here:

Legends of cycling (Pt.1) The Tax Man Cometh Legends of cycling (Pt.5) Well Meet Again (Part 1)
Legends of cycling (Pt.2) The Golden Age of Cycling Legends of cycling (Pt.6) Well Meet Again (Part 2)
Legends of cycling (Pt.3) The More Thing Change Legends of cycling (Pt.7) A Classic Flahute
Legends of cycling (Pt.4) The Lion of Flanders Legends of cycling (Pt.8) 1969: An Epic Paris-Roubaix

Special Web Podcast

Legends of cycling (Special) Who was Marshall Taylor? by Woodbury Downs School

Legends of cycling (Special) Tour de France History by the Magnum Group



Bike Talk Radio
To listen to the show live you can tune in over the internet or capture the show on radio. Generally the shows are broadcast live on Sunday evenings at 8:30PM for one hour. During the winter months the show is every week and during the summer months every other week. Go to :   www.wifi1460AM.com  (then click on ‘Show Hosts’ for the schedule of programs).

If you are in the Philadelphia area tune your radio in to 1460 AM


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