“Tell me who was second to you and I will tell you the value of your victory.”
Bernard Thevenet in 1975

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May Cover Story
Back to the Future
By Graham Jones

The Innovator of Legends: One of the great epic stories in Grand Tour history does not relate to a racing cyclist.

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May Cover Story #2
French Connection: Giro 1960 - New
By Graham Jones

The first Italian rider to win the Tour de France was in 1924. The first Frenchman to win the Giro d'Italia wasn't until 1960, but it wasn't easy. Read about the grand story here.

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Top 25 Tours
Top 25 Tours of All Time -
Updated 5/29/2006
By Barry Boyce
Our studies of the Tour de France (TdF) have revealed the great stories and secret treasures that make the TdF so special. As is human nature, everyone has an opinion about the classification of the BEST. As the Top 25 series evolves Cycling Revealed invites you to evaluate our list and compare your thought to ours (respond to: CyclingRevealed@comcast.net ). Stay tuned as we countdown to the “BEST TdF of ALL TIMES.”

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Cycling Revealed Timeline
20th Century Timeline
- Updated 5/30/2006 (1925) - New
By Barry Boyce
The 20th Century was a tumultuous period in world history. Two world wars shaped the world we know today. In 1900 transportation was primarily horse drawn. By 1999 man had reached the moon and the communications revolution had transformed society for ever. All through these times cycle racing evolved, prospered and entertained many millions of fans all over the world. Here we intermingle world history with cycling history. Our journey starts in 1900.

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Team Support

By Cycling Revealed Staff
This month we expand this section of CyclingRevealed with an introduction to cycling on the internet. Over time we will add reviews and other creative material to greatly enhance your (cycling) web experience. Come back often.

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  Trivia Monday
By Barry Boyce

The weekend is over but the cycling excitement continues on CyclingRevealed. Learn what you know and what you don't about cycling history. Take one or more of our cycling quizzes

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